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We are Team Bangladesh Humanitarian Aid


*Vision Summary:*
Our vision at Bangladesh Humanitarian Aid is to create a society where every individual, regardless of their background or circumstances, has the opportunity to thrive and lead a dignified life. We envision a Bangladesh where poverty, inequality, and suffering are replaced by empowerment, education, and sustainable development. Through our efforts, we aspire to inspire positive change and build a compassionate community that stands united to uplift those in need.

*Mission Summary:*
Our mission at Bangladesh Humanitarian Aid is to alleviate the hardships faced by marginalized and underserved communities in Bangladesh. We are dedicated to providing essential assistance, including medical support, education, food, and livelihood opportunities. By focusing on initiatives such as sponsoring children’s education and facilitating self-sufficiency, we aim to transform lives and break the cycle of poverty. During times of crisis, we are committed to responding swiftly, offering aid and relief to those affected. Our mission is driven by compassion, collaboration, and the unwavering belief that every individual deserves a chance to lead a life of dignity and hope.

Our story

The founder of Bangladesh Humanitarian Aid is Mr. Kishor Kumar Das, a Peru based Corporate Professional. He is a social activist and coming from an underprivileged backdrop has seen first hand how much a person has to struggle and endure to meet the simplest of human rights like food, shelter and education. Withstanding all odds he made a successful career and dreamed of forming an institution where people will be treated with dignity and their basic needs will be met while giving them a way to be self-sufficient. To serve Bangladesh Humanitarian Aid better, Mr. Kishor eventually left his highly acclaimed profession and now invests his full time to carry it further. He initiates projects that solve complex problems with his uniqueness, effectiveness and originality. Later a team of domestic and international members from various backgrounds with varied skill sets came together and joined Bangladesh Humanitarian Aid. With their time, effort, intellect, skills, networks and financial support the charity thrived. The idea eventually took shape in the form of the currently running foundation, providing education, shelter, nutrition, healthcare & legal aid to the impoverished and enabling them with skills, giving them the confidence to stand on the same pedestal as their peers. Bangladesh Humanitarian Aid started it’s journey with just 22 students at Narayanganj in 22 December, 2013. Currently it has eight branches nationwide with hundreds of volunteers, two orphanages in Ramu & Rajbari with 135 orphan child, one Old Age Home, One full Primary school on it’s own land with 250 students, Two libraries with thousands of books open for all. Besides these, Bangladesh Humanitarian Aid has been conducted some unique and innovative programs such as One Taka Meal, One Taka Medical Aid, One Glass of Milk, Free academic coaching, Orphanage Center, Free University admission Coaching, Scholarship Program, Photography for children, Women Empowerment, Training Center etc. Now Bangladesh Humanitarian Aid has reached a position where the name has become synonymous with trust and care. People donate here with ease and support wholeheartedly. The engaging and innovative endeavours launched in Bangladesh have become incredibly fruitful and now it has been replicated in branches across South America and North America.