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Bangladesh Humanitarian Aid is always with you at any crisis in Bangladesh to help and support you.


Our mission at Bangladesh Humanitarian Aid is to alleviate the hardships faced by marginalized and underserved communities in Bangladesh. We are dedicated to providing essential assistance, including medical support, education, food, and livelihood opportunities. By focusing on initiatives such as sponsoring children’s education and facilitating self-sufficiency, we aim to transform lives and break the cycle of poverty. During times of crisis, we are committed to responding swiftly, offering aid and relief to those affected. Our mission is driven by compassion, collaboration, and the unwavering belief that every individual deserves a chance to lead a life of dignity and hope.


We want to inspire a nation with food. Best relation can be created through sharing food.


To become a national treasure by offering free education to children and orphans.



To deliver free medicines and health care to underprivileged people.

A passionate group of people working to help and inspire one nation at a time. Bangladesh Humanitarian is a voluntary organization originating from Bangladesh to help those in need.